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About Us

  • Shmallery is a voluntary, non-profit, art promotion brand, launched by Pete 'OwlFacedBoy' Oak in 2016.  I give my time completely freely, and have no business or rent overheads, so the only outgoings are the direct costs associated to the projects listed on this website.
  • I formed Shmallery to help promote urban artists of all disciplines and levels, by making their work more accessible, visible and available to buy. I will achieve this by; organising pop-up sales and exhibitions; administering an online store that sells and aggregates work by our partner artists; supporting and organising the creation of limited edition artwork; hosting web pages  promoting work by each of our partner artists at Shmallery.uk/Artists.
  • By keeping overheads and costs to a minimum, artists will always receive a fairer percentage than typical gallery sales charges.
  • Profits generated from each project will be reinvested into perpetually funding and promoting the next project.